Our Story

PenArk was founded on one simple concept. Help others achieve their goals and dreams.

Before PenArk there was SKRMusic, a production house created by Zavier Quinn aka C Track to help a friend make a demo.

Word quickly spread and eventually SKRMusic was working with a roster of aspiring artists not only from the Inland Empire (IE) but all over Southern California.

With the amount of talent and tracks created a mixtape was made and released under the newly formed PenArk imprint. A label created to help others achieve their dreams.

PenArk's popularity grew and the network expanded quickly. PenArk artists not only played shows all over California but PenArk also hosted its monthly showcase in Hollywood and Pasadena. Some PenArk artists found homes for tracks on TV and other mixtapes from notable brands.

Zavier Quinn eventually found himself in talks for PenArk to have a label deal. Talks eventually fell through and PenArk slowly faded away.

2020, PenArk owner discovered LoFi and a new space in music where the producer was the artist. Zavier Quinn released his first solo project Beautiful Situation: Cali Winter in December 2020 and discovered a new purpose for PenArk.

Throughout the year and through the making of "Cali Winter" Zavier Quinn noticed what was lacking from the new music business landscape. Zavier blew the dust off the old PenArk imprint and has given it a new purpose.

PenArk was founded to help others achieve their goals and dreams. PenArk is still built on this concept but has also added a new Piller to its foundation. Educate, educate the independent artist.

PenArk is now a boutique label and will continue to help others achieve their goals and dreams by feature producers as the artists. The mission is to educate, invest and introduce these artists to a bigger audience.

Welcome to PenArk....